Everything becomes more dynamic and faster, as often is the impression.

Whether regarding economy, administration, authorities or – not least – personal life, it means that the principles of our living together and of the world of work no longer function as we are used to. Many of our structures and methods are too static to make sense in an increasingly complex environment.

Numerous organizations meet this trend with a more and more pronounced specialization. This causes a tunnel vision on all sides, identification with the work is lost and the potential within the area of improvements and innovation can hardly be used. In the end these factors have a negative effect on the quality of life and productivity.

First of all organizations from the field "knowledge worker" are affected. They already have to deal with the pressure and changes as a result of digitization. It is obvious that first approaches for a reorientation come from these sectors.

To meet complexity with simplicity, to meet dynamism with easy adaptable methods and at the same time to keep track.

How does it work?