How is Stickie~Flow constructed?

From the field of Kanban or more precisely of Personal Kanban Stickie~Flow adopts the method to record preferably everything on stickies and to visualize it on a board.

Furthermore the philosophy is adopted to change from a push to a pull oriented working method. Every team member chooses a task out of a pool. A central distribution of tasks only takes place in exceptional cases through the team leader.

The general philosophy to transfer whatever comes to mind first of all to a ‘task memory’ (defined filing location) comes from the GTD method. This way everything essential is immediately recorded and blocks neither the brain nor processes. As within GTD the classification happens at a given time. Stickie~Flow, however, does not work with to-dos (structured checklists for single persons) like GTD because it is too static.

Stickie~Flow adopts and improves methods from the field of Scrum in such a way that they can widely be used. As within the Scrum method it is worked with Kanban boards as well as daily stand-up meetings and also team structure and size are similar.

The approach of Stickie~Flow, however, does not only refer to software development, but varies the sprint cycles as well as the results adjusted to the requirements of the specific environment in a flexible way.

As it is usual in the classic Kanban system Stickie~Flow also focuses on the persons involved and the support of independent work.

The aim is that every team member gets an overview as broad as possible of the procedures, processes and products. This increases the identification with the services and products of the own organization!

Stickie~Flow claims to support self-organization the same way as team work, the cooperation of multiple teams and cross-sector processes.

The strength of Stickie~Flow is the focus on the management of a large number of completely different tasks. The single task plays a minor role.

Stickie~Flow stands for the similarities of tasks. On this basis the method is everywhere and in all ‘roles’ applicable, also in classical structured organizations.

Through Stickie~Flow every team member is invited to deposit striking points of the system in an inbox and has the guarantee that the management will positively react. Team member is every person in an organization, in a wider sense also the leaders.

Similar is applied in the CIP (continuous improvement process). The integration into the overall process is higher with Stickie~Flow, which is a main point of the method as it makes organizational learning possible.

In the following chapters the agile methods are shortly described, of which components are used for Stickie~Flow.