There are three roles within the Stickie~Flow:

  • head
  • team leader
  • team members

Head (divisional management)

  • develops a vision for the organization (default: 3 to 5 years)
  • manages the organizational unit
  • consequently works on a further development of his department (personnel, technical)
  • is responsible for the planning
  • ensures organizational and personnel context
  • administers the personnel resources
  • decides on the task assignment
  • understands and manages the processes of Stickie~Flow

Team leader

  • structures Stickies in cooperation with other team leaders
  • has control of the human resources of the team
  • moderates the team planning meetings
  • decides on team tasks
  • coordinates the own team
  • factually and structurally assists the team
  • processes and improves Stickies together with the team

Ideally head and team leader also form a team. In this case the rules, methods and principles of Stickie\~Flow are also applied.

Team member

  • is part of a team
  • actively attends all meetings
  • independently works with the other team members
  • produces Stickies
  • chooses tasks (Stickies) for processing
  • passes Stickies on to other team members or teams
  • promptly updates the status of the own Stickies
  • documents the stages of the own work
  • creates new Stickies in a central inbox (own area), if there is potential for improvement

Ideally a team consists of three to eight persons. The aim should be a heterogeneous composition of the team. An active communication of the team members also across team boundaries is essential. The basis for an organizational learning is the permanent exchange of knowledge and experiences.