Stickie~Run is the stage between two team planning meetings. This means that a team cycle consists of a two-week period.

At a team planning meeting it is determined which tasks are dealt with in the actual Stickie~Run. Unplanned and routine tasks are also part of a Run. The team leader determines the percentage distribution of fixed and variable activities.

Stickie~Run is supported by the daily stand-up meetings.

The management cycle consists of one week to give sufficient room for readjustments and planning. It is important that the team leaders are able to frequently enough coordinate with their head.

The strength of Stickie~Flow is the possibility of the team leaders to quickly react to new or changed requirements without an immediate consequence for the team members (to avoid direct commissioning across the organization). If possible, the processing should be done within a Stickie~Run.

This enables an exact temporal rhythm between the individual Runs.